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Use the following options to define how SDI FTP should connect to the host computer:


Connection Timeout:Assume a connection attempt has failed if the connection is not complete before this interval expires.


Retry:The number of times to retry a failing connection.


Data Transfer Timeout:Assume an inactive data transfer has failed after this interval expires.


Keep Alive IntervalSpecify a keep alive interval in seconds. A keep alive command is sent to the host each time this interval expires. Use this command to prevent idle timeouts. If a keep alive interval of zero is specified, a keep alive command is never sent.


Passive Mode:Check "Use Passive Mode" to make connections in passive mode (PASV) rather than active mode. Use passive mode to avoid conflicts with some proxy servers or firewalls. In active mode, SDI FTP opens a command port connection to the FTP server and the FTP server opens a data port connection to SDI FTP. Some firewalls or proxy servers will block attempts from an outside source (the FTP server) to open a connection to an internal client (SDI FTP). In passive mode, all connections are opened from SDI FTP to the FTP server. You should only set this option on, if you are having problems making a connection.


SSL Support:Select the desired SSL option. "No SSL" is the default.


Display Server Certificate when connected: (Optional) If this option is checked, SDI FTP displays the SSL server certificate details and allows you to accept or reject the certificate.