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Use the following options to specify the host computer:


Session Name:Use the session name to refer to this tailored session for future connections.


Host Name:Enter the domain name or IP address of the host computer.


FTP Port:Enter the FTP control port number.  This is normally 21.
Host Type:Specifies the operating system running on the host computer.


User Name:The user name to use to log on to the host computer.
Password:The password to use to log on to the host computer.


Anonymous:Select anonymous login if the host computer allows a user name of "anonymous" to log in.  When this box is initially checked, the User Name edit box is filled in with "anonymous" and the Password edit box is filled with your email address from the Program Options dialog box. (View, Preferences, General tab)


Prompt:Select prompt if you want to be prompted for your password when you connect. If prompt is not specified, the password in the password edit box is automatically passed to the host during the connection process.
Save password:Select save password if you want SDI FTP to save the password so that you do not need to reenter it each time you connect the session. The password is encrypted and stored in the session profile. If you do not select save password, the password is not saved and you need to reenter it each time you want to connect the session.
Administrators: If you want to prevent users from saving their password, you can remove the "Save password" check box from this dialog by specifying one of the following DWORD registry keys:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SDI\TN3270 Plus\FTP\Settings\SavePasswordAllowed = 0
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\SDI\TN3270 Plus\FTP\Settings\SavePasswordAllowed = 0


Account:The account to use to log on to the host computer. (Not always needed.)


Connect at StartupCheck this option to automatically connect the session every time SDI FTP is started.