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get [path]filename




path(optional) is the path from the current folder. The path is honored on your local drive and the remote host.  For example, "get folder/subfolder/test.txt" will look in current_folder/folder/subfolder/  on the remote host  to find text.txt  and it will download text.txt to  current_folder/folder/subfolder/ on your PC.


filenameis the name of the file to be downloaded from the host computer. The filename and path must be enclosed in double quotes if either contains a space.  For example:


get "\subfolder\read me.txt"


Return Codes:


550The specified file could not be found in the current folder on the remote host.




get test.txt

get readme.txt

get "read me.txt"

get "\subfolder\read me.txt"


Sample Script:


* Sample download script.

* Download test.txt from the remote host to the c:\ folder on your PC.

* Set the local folder to c:\.

lcd  c:\

* Switch to the remote folder containing text.txt.

cd \folder\subfolder\

* Download test.txt.

get test.txt