logo Set - set delete and replace operations

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Use the set options to determine how script commands that delete or replace a file are processed.  The typical use of this command is to set an option on so that a script can run without the need for the operator to respond to confirmation prompts.


When an option is set, it remains in effect until it is reset by another set command or SDI FTP is restarted.


set  delete_all                {on | off | confirm}









delete_all is the setting for both local and remote delete operations.
delete_localis the setting for local delete operations.
delete_remoteis the setting for remote detele operations.
replace_allis the setting for replacing existing files on upload and download operations.
replace_localis the setting for replacing existing files on download operations.
replace_remoteis the setting for replacing existing files on upload operations.        
{on | off | confirm}sets the action for the specified operation.


onallow the operation with no confirmation dialog box.
offdisallow the operation. An error message is issued if the operation is attempted.


confirm display the confirmation dialog box.





set replace_ local on


Sample Script:


* Sample script using the "set" command.

* Upload test.txt.

put test.txt

* Allow remote delete operations with no confirmation dialog box.

set delete_remote on

* Delete text.txt.

delete test.txt