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SDI Maintenance and Technical Support Agreements

Maintenance and Technical Support Agreement

  1. Users are entitled to the following:

    1. Reasonable Technical Support of the relevant SDI product by e-mail.

    2. Reasonable Technical Support of the relevant SDI product by telephone if e-mail cannot be used.

    3. Product updates. This agreement entitles users at any time to download and use the latest version of the product.
    4.   A new License Code may be required, and this will be provided without charge.
  2. Technical Support is provided without additional charge.

  3. SDI frequently announces maintenance updates and periodically announces major release level changes. You are encouraged to regularly visit our web site for the latest announcements. One calendar year after a new major release level becomes generally available, all older release levels become non-current and cease to be supported under SDI's standard Technical Support facilities described above.
  4. Maintenance is billed annually in advance, payable on the anniversary date, and is non-refundable.
  5. This agreement remains in force so long as the user continues to use the product. If the user wishes to cancel this agreement, three calendar months' notice of intention to cancel shall be given to SDI. The license to use the product terminates at the same time this maintenance agreement terminates.

Please refer to SDI's License Agreement for SDI's terms and conditions of use and sale.


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