Using TN3270 Plus on a Windows Terminal Server

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TN3270 Plus may be installed on and accessed from a Windows Terminal Server.

Windows Terminal Server installation is normally done in one of the following ways:


1.The Windows Terminal Server clients all share the same TN3270 Plus configuration settings.
2.The Windows Terminal Server clients use personal TN3270 Plus configuration settings.


TN3270 Plus keeps configuration information in its configuration files.

Shared Configuration and Session Settings

For networks where clients will share the same configuration, the configuration files should be customized on the Windows Terminal Server. All configuration files should be made read-only. This will allow clients to change their session settings, but the changes will not be saved when a session is closed. Optionally, you can lockdown the session settings, so the clients cannot change them. The path to the configuration files should be added to the

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\SDI\TN3270 Plus\Configuration\DataPath\  (64-bit Windows) or  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\SDI\TN3270 Plus\Configuration\DataPath\  (32-bit Windows)

and propagated to all Windows Terminal Server clients.

Personal Configuration and Session Settings

For networks where clients have their own personal settings, the TN3270 Plus Configuration File Folder (Setup, Preferences, Configuration File Folder) should be pointed to the client directory containing the configuration files. As an alternative the Configuration File Folder entry can be deleted and TN3270 Plus started with a working directory, with the working directory pointed at the directory containing the configuration files.

If no Configuration File Folder or working directory is specified, TN3270 Plus looks for the configuration files in the install directory (the directory containing the tn3270.exe file). On Windows 8, Server 2012, Server 2008, 7 and Vista only, if TN3270 Plus still has not found its data files it will also look in the Windows Application directory. If this directory does not exist, TN3270 Plus will create it and use it for the configuration files.

License Code

When the TN3270 Plus license code is entered, it is stored in the tn3270.ini file. The default location for this file is:

Windows Operating System

tn3270.ini location


C:\ProgramData\SDI\TN3270 Plus\


C:\:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SDI\TN3270 Plus\

If you wish to store the license code in a different location, see Moving the License Code File.

TN3270 Plus is continually being improved. To learn more about the latest enhancements, please review our Version History web page.