Extracting the .MSI File

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If you need an .msi (Microsoft Installer) file to deploy TN3270 Plus, you can extract the .msi file from the TN3270 Plus distribution file.

To extract the TN3270 Plus .msi file:

1.Create a directory for the .msi file.
2.Open a Windows command prompt and run the TN3270 Plus distribution file with the "/a" option. The " /a" option performs an administrative installation. It copies the .msi file, the programs files and the application data files from the TN3270 Plus distribution file into the specified directory.  For example:
TN3270PlusSetup.exe /a
3.Follow the install wizard instructions. You will be instructed to specify a network folder. This can be any folder. When the install wizard completes this folder will contain the following:
Application Data folder
Program Files folder


TN3270 Plus is continually being improved. To learn more about the latest enhancements, please review our Version History web page.