GetField - extract a field from a field-separated string

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$return = GetField(string,field#[,separator])


$returnreceives the field read from the string.
stringis the string containing the field to be extracted.
field#is the field number to extract.        
separator is the single character field separator. The default is a comma. If coding a comma it should be enclosed in double quotes.


string, field# and separator may be variables.

The GetField command extracts a field from a field-separated string and copies it into a script variable.



$Field = GetField("The quick brown fox",2," ")

$Field = GetField("The,quick,brown,fox",2,",")


Sample Script


' GetField.txt

' Sample script to extract fields


$String = "The quick brown fox"

$FieldNumber = 1

$Fields = 4



$Field = GetField($String,$FieldNumber," ")


$FieldNumber = $FieldNumber + 1

if $FieldNumber < $Fields then GoTo LOOP:



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