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Use the Code Page Setup dialog box to select a host language code page (*.cpg) file. The code page determines the character translations for the keyboard. SDI supplies code pages for many countries. The Code Page Setup dialog box contains the following fields:


Drop-down list boxCode page selection list.


File nameFile name of the currently selected code page.


Translation tableEBCDIC and ASCII representations for each character in the language code page.


Select a code page from the drop-down list box, or enter the file name of a new code page in the File name edit box, or click the Browse button and select a new code page from the Select Code Page File dialog box.


TN3270 Plus (release 3.6.5 above) supports Chinese and Japanese code pages. This allows terminal emulation input and display of Chinese and Japanese characters.


The SDI-supplied code pages must never be modified. If you need to tailor a code page to meet your needs, make a copy of the SDI code page file that is closest to what you need. Modify your copy of the code page to fit your needs with a word processor. Save it with a unique name. You may now select your code page just as you would select one of the SDI-supplied code pages.


TN3270 Plus is continually being improved. To learn more about the latest enhancements, please review our Version History web page.