Include - call another script file

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include(filename [$var1[ $var2]] ...)



filenameis the full filename, including drive letter and path name, of a script file. Enclose the script filename in double quotation marks ("") if it contains embedded spaces or commas. This parameter may be a variable containing a script filename.        
$var1, $var2 ...are command line arguments to be passed to the called script.


The include command calls another script file. All the commands in the called script file are executed, and then processing continues in the calling script. An included script file may include additional script files. There is no limitation on how deeply script files can be nested.

If you have a group of commands that are used in many different scripts, put the group of commands into a separate script file and include that script file in place of the actual commands. Variables defined in the calling script are not available to the included script unless they are defined using the global script command.



include(c:\scripts\script.txt $USERNAME)



Sample Script


'This script calls scripts to logon 2 users.

include("c:\scripts\logon user 1.txt")

include("c:\scripts\logon user 2.txt")



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