Moving TN3270 Plus from one PC to Another

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Use this procedure to move TN3270 Plus and its configuration settings from one PC (old PC) to another (new PC).

You must contact SDI for permission prior to moving a TN3270 Plus license from one workstation to another as indicated in paragraph 4 of the SDI Product End User License Agreement (EULA).


On the old PC:

1.Locate the TN3270 Plus configuration files folder. This folder can be found by opening the Setup menu and selecting Preferences... to display the Preferences dialog box. In the Preferences dialog box, you will see the configuration file folder in the "Configuration Files Folder" edit box.
2.Copy all the files in the TN3270 Plus Configuration Files Folder to a removable storage device or a network drive accessible by the new PC.  


On the new PC:

3.Download the current version of TN3270 Plus using the following link:
4.Execute the downloaded distribution file to start the installation wizard and install TN3270 Plus.
5.Start TN3270 Plus (Start, All Programs, TN3270 Plus, TN3270 Plus) and enter your license code by clicking the "I have a license code" button in the Welcome to TN3270 Plus dialog box.
6.Locate the TN3270 Plus configuration files folder as you did in Step 1. If you are installing on a different version of Windows, the configuration files folder may not be in the same location as it was on the old PC.
7.Copy all the configuration files saved in step 2 to the TN3270 Plus Configuration Files Folder.          
8.Restart TN3270 Plus.


TN3270 Plus is continually being improved. To learn more about the latest enhancements, please review our Version History web page.