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filenameis the full file name, including drive letter and path, of an application or batch file. Enclose the filename in double quotation marks ("") if it contains embedded spaces or commas. You can append command line parameters to the filename on the Run script command (within the double quotes, separated by a space). filename may be a variable containing the full filename of an application or batch file.
HIDDENrun the application with its window hidden.
MINIMIZEDrun the application with its window minimized.
MAXIMIZEDrun the application with its window maximized.


filename may be a variable.


The run command runs the specified application or batch file. filename may specify a .com, .exe, .bat or .pif file.


run("c:\batch\tasks job.bat")



run("C:\Program Files\SDI\TN3270 Plus\tn3270.exe mainframe")


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