Transferring Files from the Host Computer to Your PC

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Use this procedure for zSeries (mainframe) systems that support IND$FILE type transfers. This type of file transfer operation is supported for 3270 sessions only. If you are interested in FTP file transfers, see the SDI FTP User Guide.

1.Open the Host menu and select File Transfer...


2.Fill in the File Transfer dialog box.


3.Click the HostToPC button in the File Transfer dialog box to start the transfer.


4.To cancel an active file transfer, select Cancel File Transfer from the Host menu.



You may switch to, and work in, another session while the file transfer is active.


It is also possible to transfer a file using a script. If you often transfer the same file, a script is a more automated way to perform the operation. See the FileTransfer script command for more information on file transfer operations using a script.


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