Type - "type" characters into the session terminal

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type("string1" [& "string2" [& "string3"...]])


stringnis a string of characters to be typed into the session. This field is case sensitive. Enclose stringn in double quotation marks ("") if it contains embedded spaces or commas. If a double quote (") needs to be included in stringn enter two double quotes (""). The two double quotes will be replaced by a single double quote when the string is typed. Any of the stringn parameters may be variables. If stringn is a variable the text associated with the variable is substituted and typed into the session at the current cursor location.


The type command enters the string into a session at the current cursor location.  If multiple stringn parameters are specified they are concatenated and typed into the session.



type("query names")


type("This is how to include ""double quotes"" in the text")


type($FIRSTNAME & " " & $LASTNAME)

Sample Script

' This script enters the "query names" command into a session.


type("query names")




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