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The SDI FTP context menu offers access to commonly used commands. Right-click on a file or folder in one of the tree or list panes to open the context menu. Then click on a command in the context menu. File or folder specific commands work only on the file or folder you right-clicked on.




The context menu contains the following commands.


ViewView the selected file in the viewing application.


RunOpen the selected application or file.


DownloadDownload the files or folder selected in the remote list pane to your PC.


UploadUpload the file or folder selected in the local list pane to the remote host.


BinaryTransfers files in binary mode. Use this mode for non-text files like images, applications (.exe),  and word processing files.
TextTransfers files in ASCII mode. Use this mode for text-only files. This mode converts the line-feed characters that appear at the end of lines in text files to allow for the differences in format between different operating systems when uploading or downloading files.


CutDelete the selected file or folder and moves it to the clipboard.


CopyCopy the selected file or folder to the clipboard.


PasteInitiate a file transfer of the file or folder currently held on the clipboard.


DeleteDelete the selected file(s) and/or folder(s).


RenameRename a file.


PropertiesDisplay file properties.


New FolderCreate a new folder in the currently selected folder in the list pane.