logo Error: could not locate host

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This message is normally caused by one of the following:


1.You are not connected to the Internet. You must make your connection to the internet before using SDI FTP to connect to a host computer. If you are an America Online (AOL) user, you must connect to AOL and login before trying to connect using SDI FTP.


2.If the IP address in the message is incorrect, then you have the wrong "Host Name:" in the SDI FTP Connect to Host dialog box.


3. There is a problem on the Internet and currently there is no route to the host computer. Try again later.
4.You have the incorrect port number specified in the Connect to Host dialog box.


6.The domain name in the Connect to Host dialog box could not be translated to an IP address.


7.If you are using WinGate to share a modem between computers, you must specify the WinGate IP address (normally, in the "Host Name:" edit box in the SDI FTP "Connect to Host" dialog instead of the host computer IP address or name.