logo Failed to Create New Socket.

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This problem occurs because SDI FTP can not find TCP/IP. The problem is usually caused by one of the following:


1.    You do not have TCP/IP installed on your computer.        


To install TCP/IP on Windows 95, click Start button and select Help. In the "Help" dialog box click on the index tab and then type "TCP" in the first edit box. In the second edit box click on "installing" under "TCP/IP protocol." Follow the instructions for installing TCP/IP.


To install TCP/IP on Windows 98, open the Network dialog box by clicking the Start button, pointing to Settings, clicking Control Panel, and then double-clicking Network. In the Network dialog box, click on the Add button. In the Select Network Component Type dialog box, select Protocol and click on the Add button. In the Select Network Protocol dialog box, select Microsoft in the Manufacturers list and then select TCP/IP from the Network Protocols list and click the OK button.


2.If you are using America Online (AOL) to connect to the internet, the problem is caused by using  SDI FTP with the 16-bit version of AOL. The solution to this problem is to run the 32-bit version of AOL. To find out which version of AOL is running, go to the AOL Help menu and click on About America Online:
The 32-bit version says "American Online for Windows 95"
The 16-bit version says "America Online for Windows"