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Use the following options to define how SDI FTP should connect to the host computer:


Transfer sub-folders:If a folder is selected for upload, all the files in folders which are contained in that folder are uploaded as well.  The folder structure on the local computer is replicated on the remote computer.


Use quiet, queued mode:If this option is set, no progress dialog is displayed and files are uploaded in background.  This allows you to continue working in other sessions while file transfer takes place. See Using Quiet Queued Mode for more information.


Upload more recent files:Only files which do not exist on the host computer or have a modification date which is later than that on the host computer are uploaded.


Overwrite Existing Files:If this option is set, when a file being transferred exists on the target computer, it is automatically replaced by the new file. If this option is not set, a dialog box asks you if you want to replace the file.


Ignore errors:If any error occurs, it is ignored and the file currently being uploaded is skipped.


Use generated short names:  Files stored on the host computer are renamed according to DOS 8.3 conventions. For example, a file on the remote local computer named "Sort Work File.wrk" is stored in a file called "SortWo~1.wrk" when it is uploaded to the host computer.