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The best way to contact SDI about support or with questions or suggestions is to send an e-mail message to support@sdisw.com.


Please include the following information with any support request:


1.What version of Windows you are running.


2.What version of SDI FTP you are running. Select About SDI FTP... from the Help menu to get the SDI FTP version number and build date.


3.Can the problem be recreated? If so, how?


4.Include the full text of any dialog or message boxes that appear when the problem occurs.


5.Your telephone number and e-mail address.


SDI welcomes any questions about SDI FTP and we will do our best to answer those questions in a timely manner.


SDI would also like your input about possible enhancements to SDI FTP. We are interested in anything that will make SDI FTP easier to use, more efficient or more effective. Many of the product's features came from suggestions from early users of the product.


We are also looking for new product ideas and if you have an idea for a Windows product that you want developed please let us know.