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TN3270 Plus Security Alert for OpenSSL

OpenSSL Security Problem and Fix

TN3270 Plus uses OpenSSL software to provide encryption for the TN3270 Plus SSL feature. 

On March 19, 2015, the OpenSSL Organization posted a Security Advisory.  The Security Advisory contains issues that could affect TN3270 Plus users. You can see the Advisory on the following web page.

OpenSSL has corrected these issues and released a new version of the OpenSSL software containing the updates. SDI has incorporated the new version of OpenSSL in TN3270 Plus release 4.0.1 and higher.

Affected TN3270 Plus Versions

The OpenSSL security issue affects TN3270 Plus release 4.0.0 or earlier with the SSL feature.

TN3270 Plus users with the SSL feature should update to TN3270 Plus release 4.0.1 or higher immediately. You can download most current TN3270 Plus Release from the following web page.

TN3270 Plus Update Details

TN3270 Plus Release 4.0.1 and higher is free to customers that subscribe to our maintenance and support plan. Customers that do not have a maintenance and support subscription should email and request a quote to purchase a maintenance and support subscription.

TN3270 Plus release 4.0.1 or higher may be installed over the top of the existing TN3270 Plus release. Release 4.0.1 or higher will honor all the existing configuration settings and users will not need to make any changes to their procedures. Users should email and request a release 4.0 license code. If you already have a release 4.0 license code it will work with releases 4.0.1 up to and including 4.0.9.

TN3270 Plus releases 4.0.0 and above do not support SSL version 2 and SSL version 3 you must use TLS version 1, TLS version 1.1 or TLS version 1.2.

If you have questions or concerns please e-mail

Previous Security Alerts

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April 7, 2014  Heartbleed Security Alert.

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