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Windows HLLAPI Visual Basic .Net Sample Program


Download sample project for Visual Studio 2005 (WHLLAPI3270VB VS2005.ZIP)
Download sample project for Visual Studio 2008 (WHLLAPI3270VB VS2008.ZIP)
Download sample project for Visual Studio 2008 (WHLLAPI3270VB VS2013.ZIP)


This sample program was written in Visual Basic and is available with a source code project for Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio 2008. This program requires .Net version 2.0 or above. The sample program demonstrates most of the WinHLLAPI functions defined in the WinHLLAPI specification. This application is an MDI (Multiple Document Interface) application so you may connect to multiple terminal emulation sessions at the same time.

Installing the Sample Program

Click the download link above to download the zip file containing the program executable and all the source code. Unzip the program to your hard drive. The zip file was saved with full path information and the WHLLAPI3270VB folder will be created in the specified location.

The Visual Studio solution file is WHLLAPI3270VB.sln.
The executable file is:

whllapi3270vb\bin\x86\release\WHLLAPI3270VB.exe (32-bit)
whllapi3270vb\bin\x64\release\WHLLAPI3270VB.exe (64-bit)

Running the WHLLAPI3270VB Sample Program

A typical program session would look like this:

  1. Start the WHLLAPI3270VB program (WHLLAPI3270VB.exe)

  2. Open the WHLLAPI3270VB File menu and select New... to create a session.

  3. Respond to the prompt for the WHLLAPI DLL file. This is the DLL the application will use to interface with TN3270 Plus. In the default TN3270 Plus installation, this file is:
    c:\Programs Files (x86)\SDI\TN3270 Plus\Whllapi.dll (32-bit)
    c:\Programs Files (x86)\SDI\TN3270 Plus\Whllapi64.dll (64-bit)

  4. Open the WHLLAPI3270VB Other Function menu and select Start Emulator... to start TN3270 Plus. Or, you may start TN3270 Plus manually.

  5. .Connect a TN3270 Plus session. Your TN3270 Plus session must be connected before you can access the terminal emulation screen with WHLLAPI3270VB. The TN3270 Plus session must have a WinHLLAPI Session ID defined (Setup, Host, WinHLLAPI Session ID).

  6. Open the WHLLAPI3270VB PS Function menu and select Connect PS. You are prompted for the Session ID. Specify the WinHLLAPI Session ID specified in your TN3270 Plus session.

  7. The WHLLAPI3270VB program now has access to the terminal emulation screen and you may send information to, and receive information from, the terminal emulation screen. For example, Open the WHLLAPI3270VB PS Function menu and select Copy PS to copy the contents of the terminal emulation screen into the WHLLAPI3270VB window.

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