FileSpec - specify the file for a HostSave or HostPrintScreen command

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FileSpec        {log | printer | clipboard, } "filename"[,append])


logindicates a log file specification for the HostSave or HostEnableLogging system commands.        
printerindicates a printer file specification for the HostPrintScreen system command.        
clipboardindicates a file specification for the EditSaveClipboard system command.        
filenameis the full filename, including drive letter and path name for the output file.        
appendappend output to an existing file.        


filename may be a variable.

The FileSpec command defines the disk output files for TN3270 Plus system commands.


The "FileSpec log" command directs the terminal session activity to the specified output file when logging is enabled (HostEnableLogging). The HostSave system command output is also directed to the specified file. The HostSave system command can be issued with the script command "key HostSave."


The "FileSpec printer" command directs PrintScreen system command output to a disk file. The HostPrintScreen system command can be issued with the script command "key HostPrintScreen." To reset output to the printer use the following:

FileSpec printer,""


The "FileSpec clipboard" command directs EditSaveClipboard system command output to the specified file The EditSaveClipboard command can be issued with the script command "key EditSaveClipboard."


FileSpec log,"c:\test.log",append

FileSpec log,$FILENAME

FileSpec printer,"c:\printer.txt"

FileSpec clipboard,"d:\Clipboard.txt",append


The following script defines c:\test.log" as the current log file and then saves the current screen to the log file.




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