Script Command Summary (Release 3.5 and below)

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The following is a list of script commands. For an introduction to writing a script and the script command syntax see Using the Scripting Language.



AskFor   display a dialog box requesting user input.
CalcVardo simple arithmetic on a variable.
commandissue a command in the Windows command environment.
Connect connect to a host using a named session.
CursorTomove the cursor.
DDE perform a complete DDE conversation in a single command.
DDEExecute send a command to a DDE server application.
DDEInitiate begin a DDE conversation with a DDE server application.
DDEPokesend text to a DDE server application.
DDERequest request text from a DDE server application.
DDETerminate close a DDE channel.
EditSelect select data for cut and copy.
Exitexit the script.
FileSpecspecify the file to be used in a HostSave, HostPrintScreen, HostEnableLogging or EditSaveClipboard command.
FileTransferinitiate a file transfer.
Findfind a substring inside a string.
GetFieldextract a field from a field-separated string.
GetStringread a string from a file into a variable.
globaldefine a global variable.
gotobranch to a label in the script file.
ifbranch to a label in the script file based in the results of a comparison.
includecall another script file.
keysimulate a function key.
MsgBoxdisplay a dialog box.
optionset script options.
PutStringwrite a string to a file.
replacereplace a character or substring in a string.
runrun an application. 
RunDirectoryspecify the working directory for a program started by the "run" command.
sessionswitch to another active session.
SetPrtchange the session printer.
SetVarinitialize a variable.
SSLConnectbegin an SSL connection.
trimtrim leading and/or trailing characters from a variable.
type"type" characters into the session terminal.
waitwait for the specified number of milliseconds.
WaitFor   wait until the specified text string appears in the host session ( WaitFor USERID). Or, wait until one of several specified text strings appears in the host session. When one of the text strings is found, branch to the specified label. 


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