Keyboard Setup dialog box

Setup, Keyboard..., Configure... button

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Use this dialog box to assign the PC keyboard keys and/or the mouse buttons to the different functions available in TN3270 Plus.

Step by Step Instructions for Using the Keyboard Map Setup Dialog Box.


1.Select a Function Group from the drop-down list box.


Group Description        


System CommandsThe TN3270 Plus menu commands.        
Terminal KeysThe keys available on the emulated terminal.        
CharactersThe ASCII characters.        
MacrosKeyboard macros.        
ScriptsSelect a script file.        


2.Click on the function you want to change in the function list (double-clicking the function performs the "Add Key..." operation).
Note: For VT100 and VT220 terminal emulation, you can change the control sequence sent for some functions. See Changing VT100/VT220 Control Sequences for step by step instructions.


3.Click on one of the action buttons.


Button Action        




List by PC Key Assignment…Displays the PC key assignment dialog box. This dialog displays the assignments in PC Key order making it easy to find what a particular PC key or PC key combination does.        
Save AsCreate a new keyboard map containing your changes.  Type the new keyboard map name into the Save As dialog box.        
Reset AllReturn the current keyboard map to the default keyboard definition.        
Reset GroupReturn the currently selected function group to the default definitions.        
Reset EntryReturn the currently selected function to its default definition.        
Clear EntryDelete all keyboard definitions for the selected function.        
Add KeyAdd a new keyboard key or mouse button definition for the selected function. See the Restrictions section for a list of keyboard combinations that are not valid for keyboard mapping.        


4.Exit the Keyboard Setup dialog by clicking on one of the following buttons.


Button Action        



OKSave any changes and exit the dialog.        
CancelExit the dialog without saving any changes.        

TN3270 Plus is continually being improved. To learn more about the latest enhancements, please review our Version History web page.