if - branch based on the results of a comparison

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if $var,{EQ | NE | LT | GT | GE | LE},{text | $var},label:[,NOCASE]


$var is a variable. The text defined for the variable is substituted for the variable name and used in the comparison.
EQ | NE | LT | GT | GE | LEis the comparison type.
EQ        equal
NE        not equal
LT        less than
GT        greater than
GE        greater than or equal to
LE        Less than or equal to
textis any text string. Enclose the text in double quotation marks ("") if it contains embedded spaces, tabs or commas.
label:is a label in the script to branch to if the comparison is true. label names are case sensitive, contain no embedded blanks and end with a colon.
NOCASEuse a comparison that is not case sensitive.


The if command branches to the specified label in the script if the comparison is true. The comparisons in the if statement are string comparisons.


if $name,EQ,"John",ProcessName:

if $SCREEN(1,1,1,4),EQ,"John",ProcessName:,NOCASE

if $CLIPBOARD,LT,"225",ProcessCount:


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