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SDI LPD Feature Summary

Protocols: Conforms to the standard LPD protocol (RFC 1179).
Printers: Supports any Windows local and network printers.
Printer management: Pause, resume and delete jobs. Hold jobs in the queue for printing in the future. Print jobs to a file instead of a printer.
Page management: Complete control over the page format. Print in portrait or landscape orientation. Set page margins. Control the number of rows and columns per page. Scale the font width to fit the page. Suppress or append form feeds. Send RAW data to the printer.
Default queue:  Define a default queue. Any jobs with an unknown queue name are automatically routed to the default queue.
EBCDIC to ASCII: Support EBCDIC to ASCII character translation. Numerous code pages are provided.
LF to CR/LF conversion: Support the conversion of Line Feeds to Carriage Return and Line Feeds. (Required for converting UNIX files to Windows text files.)
SCS: Supports SNA Character Strings (SCS) used on IBM zSeries (mainframe) and iSeries (AS/400) systems.
Banner Page: Allows banner pages to be printed or suppressed.
System tray: Can run in the system tray.
Fonts: User selectable fonts.

SDI LPD can also be purchased with TN3270 Plus for a discounted price. SDI LPD is included with the TN3270 Plus "print support" feature. See the TN3270 Plus prices page for details.

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