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SDI LPD Prices

These are "per order" prices, not cumulative prices. So if you need 500 copies, it is less costly to order all 500 at once, in advance, than to place 5 separate orders for 100 copies each time.

Use the price calculator below to complete the calculations for you.

Please refer to the License Agreement and the Maintenance and Technical Support Agreements for SDI's exclusive terms and conditions of use and sale.

A license is required for each device on which SDI LPD is installed or used.

SDI LPD Price Calculator

Quantity (Number of licenses.)
One-time License price
Annual Maintenance Price
Total Price  

SDI LPD can also be purchased with TN3270 Plus for a discounted price. SDI LPD is included with the TN3270 Plus "print support" feature. See the TN3270 Plus prices page for details.


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