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The Host menu contains the following commands:


NewCreate a new session.         


SaveSave your session settings.


Save As...Save your session settings with a new name. By using the "Save As..." command you can use an existing session as a template for a new session.


ConnectDisplay the Connect to Host dialog box.


DisconnectDisconnect the current session. The connection to the host computer is terminated, but the session tab for the session remains available for reconnection.


ReconnectReconnect the current session. You can reconnect a session that has been disconnected. You cannot reconnect a session that has been closed.


Close   Disconnect the current session from the host computer and then close the current session.


PropertiesDisplay the properties (settings) for the current session.


Run ScriptDisplay the Select Script File Name dialog box. Select a script and click the Open button to run the script.


Trace SocketTurn TCP/IP socket tracing on or off.


Session NameSelect from a list of recently opened sessions.


ExitClose any open sessions and exit SDI FTP.