SetVar - initialize a variable

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SetVar  $variable,{"string1" | $var1}[,{"string2" | $var2}...]


$variableis the name of the variable to be set.        
stringnis a string of characters. stringn is case sensitive. Enclose stringn in double quotation marks ("") if it contains embedded spaces or commas.        
$varnis a variable. The text defined for the variable is substituted for the variable name and used as the command parameter.        


The SetVar command initializes a variable to the specified text string or variable. If multiple stringn and/or $varn parameters are used they are concatenated together to form a new $variable.


Use the variable in place of the text in any script commands that accept a variable as a parameter.


SetVar$NAME,"Sam Spade"
SetVar$NAME,$firstname,"  ",$lastname


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