SSLConnect begin an SSL connection

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SSLConnect  {SSLv2 | SSLv3 | TLSv1 | $variable}


SSLv2is SSL version 2
SSLv3is SSL version 3
TLSv1is TLS version 1
$variableis a variable. The text defined for the variable is substituted for the variable name and used as the command parameter.        


Use the SSLConnect command to begin a TLS or SSL connection when the host computer resides behind a proxy server or firewall.


If the host is behind a proxy server and an SSL connection is required then the connection must be made using a script instead of specifying SSL in the Host pane of the Session Setup dialog box. The reason for this is that if the SSL connection is made in the normal manner (using the radio buttons in the Host pane of the Session Setup dialog box) then the SSL handshake will take place with the proxy server instead of the host. Insert the SSLConnect command at the appropriate place in the script to cause the SSL connection to be made.


SSLConnect  SSLv3

SSLConnect  TLSv1

Sample Script

The following is a sample using the SSLConnect command.

*Proxy Server login        
*Login complete, connect to host        
waitfor"Login complete"        
key enter        
*Initiate SSL handshaking        


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