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The best way to contact SDI about support or with questions or suggestions is to send an e-mail message to You may also write or call:



PO Box 5801

San Mateo, CA 94402

650 572 1200

The web site contains an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) web page with answers to commonly asked questions. Please review this page before contacting SDI.

Technical support is available at no charge during product evaluation and for 30 days after product registration. After the initial 30 day period, technical support is free to users paying annual maintenance and chargeable to other users. A complete description of the product support agreement can be found in the Maintenance and Technical Support Agreements section.

Please include the following information with any support request:


1.What version of Windows you are running.


2.What version of TN3270 Plus you are running. Select About TN3270 Plus... from the Help menu to get the TN3270 Plus version number and build date.


3.What terminal type are you emulating?


4.Can the problem be recreated? If so, how?


5.Include the full text of any dialog or message boxes that appear when the problem occurs.


6.Your telephone number and e-mail address.


SDI welcomes any questions about TN3270 Plus and we will do our best to answer those questions in a timely manner.

SDI would also like your input about possible enhancements to TN3270 Plus. We are interested in anything that will make TN3270 Plus easier to use, more efficient or more effective. Many of the product's features came from suggestions from users of the product.



TN3270 Plus is continually being improved. To learn more about the latest enhancements, please review our Version History web page.