Connecting for the First Time

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To get started with TN3270 Plus, you need to create a session and connect to a host computer. Once you are connected to the host computer, TN3270 Plus looks and acts like a local terminal cabled to the host computer.


1.If the Connect to Host dialog box is already displayed skip to step 2, otherwise open the Host menu and select the Connect... command or click the Connect button ToobarConnect75p on the toolbar.




2.Fill in the Connect to Host dialog box. Here a few hints to get you started.




Session NameEnter a descriptive name for your session. This session will contain all the settings you need to connect to a specific host. If want to connect to more that one host computer, you will create multiple sessions. The session name is used to select a tailored session for future connections. Here are some examples: (IBM, Mainframe Site 1, AS/400, UNIX, LINUX ).


Host NameEnter the domain name or IP address of the computer you want to connect to. If you do not know the domain name or IP address, you will have to contact the network administrator at the host computer site. SDI cannot provide you with that information.


Telnet PortEnter the telnet connection port number. This is usually 23.


Terminal TypeSelect a terminal or printer type for your connection. You must select the correct type or your connection will not work correctly or may not work at all.


3270Used for connections to an IBM zSeries or S/390 mainframe computers.
5250Used for connections to an IBM iSeries or AS/400 midrange computers.
VT100Used for connections to UNIX systems.
VT220Used for connections to UNIX systems. VT220 is VT100 plus some additional functionality.
ANSIUsed for connections to UNIX systems.


The 3270 Printer and 5250 Printer items are for printer sessions, see Connecting a TN3287 Printer session and Connecting a 5250 Printer Session for more information on printer sessions.


Connection TypeSelect the connection type.


TelnetNo encryption.
TLSv1TLS (Transport Layer Security) version 1.0 encryption.
SSHSSH (Secure Shell) encryption.
IPv4IPv4 connections.
IPv6IPv6 connections.



3.This is all you need for connecting to most telnet servers. However, if you are connecting to an IBM zSeries (mainframe) or iSeries (midrange) computer (3270 or 5250 terminal type) and were given an LU name or Device name you need to add that to your session settings. (If you were not given an LU name or Device name you can skip this step.)


A.Click the Advanced... button to display the Session Setup dialog box.
B.In the Session Setup dialog box, select Terminal in the Setup Items list.
C.Fill in the Resource Name or Device Name edit box and click the OK button.



4.Click the Connect button to save your session and make the connection.


5. The following links contain to the solutions for common connection problems.


Failed to Create New Socket

Host Is Unreachable

Host Is Unreachable: Socket error 0: WSAEUNDEFINED

Host Is Unreachable: Socket error 10022: WSAEINVAL

Socket Error 10060: WSAETIMEDOUT

Socket Error 10061: WSAECONNREFUSED

Disconnected by host




TN3270 Plus is continually being improved. To learn more about the latest enhancements, please review our Version History web page.