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Changes to Version 3.4, March, 2010


Enhancements and Corrections:


Port Number

Changed the allowable port number range from 1-32768 to 1-65535.

Save Password

The "Save Password" option can be be disabled by adding a registry entry.


Changes to Version 3.3, April, 2009


Enhancements and Corrections:


Save Password

Added an option to save the password to the Connect to Host, Session Setup (Host tab) and Session Setup (Firewall tab) dialog boxes. The default is not to save the password.

Connect to Host dialog

Allow the user to specify the host computer's operating system.


Added an option change the application used to "View" a file.


Allow the user to specify the location of the SDI FTP folders.


Changes to Version 3.1, April, 2007


Enhancements and Corrections:


Windows Vista

Improved compatibility with Windows Vista.


Changes to Version 3.0, November, 2006


Enhancements and Corrections:


SSL Handshake

Correction to the SSL Handshake routine.


Changes to Version 2.5, January, 2006


Enhancements and Corrections:



Added support for the AS/400 "NAMEFMT set to 1" command.


Changes to Version 2.4, April, 2004


New Features:



Added a synchronize option that allows synchronize directories on your PC and the remote host with a single click.

Enhancements and Corrections:



Added more commands to the toolbar for easy access.

Level-up button

Added a button to the local and remote list panes to move up one directory level.

File Filter

Added a file filter edit box to the local and remote list panes, so you can filter the file list.

Transfer resume

Added a transfer resume support indicator to the status bar.


Added icons to the menu commands to make it easier to associate a menu command with its toolbar button.


Added the set script command to optionally suppress delete and replace confirmation dialog boxes. This will allow scripts to run without operator intervention.


SDI FTP Initial Release Version 2.3, November 2002