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Standard Features


Host Support: SDI FTP can connect to a wide variety of host operating systems, including: Windows, UNIX, VMS, OS/2, z/VM, z/OS, VSE/ESA and OS/400.
Explorer-like Interface: A familiar Windows Explorer-like interface shows folder and file views for both the local and remote computers. See Windows and Panes.
Folder Management:Create, rename and delete local and remote files and folders.
Drag/Drop Support: Drag and drop files to upload or download.
Address Book:Save connection details for all your favorite FTP sites in the address book for quick easy access.
Activity Log Files:Log files keep a record of your file transfer sessions. (View, Log Files)
Multiple Simultaneous Connections: A sleek tabbed window allows you to manage up to 10 simultaneous connections. See Working with Sessions.
Proxy/Firewall Support:Customize SDI FTP to work with your proxy server or firewall. (Host, Properties, Firewall tab)


File Filters: Use the file filter wildcards to display specific groups of files in the host and/or local file panes. (Host, Properties, options tab)
Synchronize:(New!) Synchronize local and remote folders with a single click. (View, Synchronize)
Transfer Resume:Resume incomplete file transfers where they left off instead of starting the file transfer over.
Scripting Language: Use the scripting language to automate common operations.
Command Line Operation: Allows common operations to be built into command line batch files.
Queued File Transfer: Display a real-time progress bar or transfer files quietly in the background. (Host, Properties, Download tab and Upload tab)
Automated Installation: An installation wizard leads you through install and uninstall.


Optional Features


SSL Support:SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) allows you to establish a secure connection between SDI FTP and a host computer. Protect your confidential data from eavesdropping and tampering!
Protocols:                SSL v2, SSL v3, TLS v1
Encryption Strength:        256-bit


SDI FTP SSL support includes software developed by the OpenSSL project for the OpenSSL toolkit. This feature includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young. This feature includes software written by Tim Hudson. (See the OpenSSL license agreement)